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Make managing your dental practice finances stress-free with Retentive Billing. We’re your go-to team for simple and effective medical billing services designed specifically for dentists.

Why Pick Retentive Billing for Your Dental Practice:

All-in-One Dental Billing Services

Discover the easiest way to handle your dental practice finances with Retentive Billing. We offer a range of services in one place, including Dental Billing, Credentialing, and Patient Help Desk. It’s everything you need in a simple package.

Check How Your Practice Is Doing

Our Dental Auditing Service helps you understand how well your practice is doing. It gives you useful information to make smart decisions about your business. 

Join Insurance Networks Quickly 

Enroll in insurance networks smoothly with our Fast and Easy Dental Credentialing. Get the benefits you deserve without any hassle. 

Get Billing Right Every Time 

Make sure your billing is accurate with our Precision Dental Coding. It helps you follow all the rules and makes the billing process easy and error-free. 

Collect Your Payments 

We make sure you get paid the right amount from insurance companies. Our Dental Billing services are here to optimize your revenue and make sure you’re paid on time. 

Affordable Insurance Checks 

Our Dental Insurance Verification services help you spend less by reducing denials and getting more money back. It’s all done at affordable prices. 

Help for Your Patients 

Our Patient Help Desk is here to make sure your patients pay what they owe in a friendly and effective way. It’s all about keeping everyone happy and your business healthy. 

Save Money with Retentive Billing 

Choosing Retentive Billing means saving money for your dental practice. Our proven track record shows that we can help you save. Use our Cost Calculator to see how much you can save when you switch to our services.

We offer following services:

Front Office Management

Claim Management/ Claim Submission

Insurance Payment posting / ERA posting

Denial and Rejection Management

Financial reporting

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