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Harmony in Healthcare Finances with Retentive Billing for Accurate and Reliable Medical Billing Solutions.

Stop settling for low quality revenue cycle management. Choose Retentive Billing, the nation’s highest-rated company specializing in comprehensive medical billing services, medical coding services, and cutting-edge medical business solutions. As a trusted medical coding outsourcing company, we go beyond expectations, offering unparalleled expertise in physician business solutions. 

Our Speciality

Precision in Healthcare Support

Founded with a commitment to error-free assistance, we focus on streamlining critical procedures in the healthcare industry. Whether it’s medical billing services, coding, or comprehensive business solutions, our specialized team is dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation of your practice.

Our Core Values


Upholding Ethical Standards At Retentive Billing, integrity is a cornerstone of our values. We are committed to unwavering honesty and consistently choosing the right course of action.


Clarity in Communication Transparency is paramount in our commitment to keeping you well-informed. We strive to provide a clear and open line of communication at every stage.


Assuming Responsibility for Results Accountability is integral to our philosophy, emphasizing our commitment to taking ownership of our actions. We hold ourselves responsible for delivering top-notch work, consistently fulfilling our promises.



Navigating the complexities of medical billing and coding can be overwhelming for doctors, consuming valuable time.



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Dental Care

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Managing the intricacies of radiology medical billing can be daunting, demanding attention to detail and valuable time.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Retentive Billing for Your Medical Practice?

We’re experts in making sure your medical billing services and medical coding services are spot-on. Our team is dedicated to sorting out the complexities of your healthcare finances, ensuring your bills are accurate and processed on time. We do more than just billing. Our goal is to make your whole medical business run smoother with our medical business solutions. From billing to smart business strategies, we’re here to boost the efficiency and success of your practice. As a trusted medical coding outsourcing company, we’re like an extended part of your team. We take extra care in keeping your data safe and secure while providing professional and thorough auditing services.
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Confidentiality, Professionalism,
and Meticulous Audits

Your data’s safety, acting professionally, and conducting careful audits are our priorities. At Retentive Billing, we promise a level of service where your information is kept private, we operate with the highest standards, and our audits are thorough and precise.

Our Services

Our Medical Billing Services

At Retentive Billing, we’re here to make running your healthcare practice smoother. Here’s how we help:

Front Office Management

We take care of the front-end tasks, like setting up appointments and handling patient registration.

Claims Management/Claim Submission

We're experts at dealing with insurance claims. We handle everything from start to finish, making sure your claims are accurate and processed on time.

Payment Posting (EOB) and ERA Posting

Managing payments is important for a successful practice. We take care of posting details from Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA).

Denial and Rejection Management

Dealing with claim denials and rejections can be tough. We make it easier by quickly addressing issues, minimizing revenue loss, and increasing the chances of successful claims.

Financial Reporting

Understanding your practice's financial health is vital. Our Financial Reporting service gives you clear and detailed insights into your revenue cycle.


Introducing Our Healthcare Specialist

We are delighted to present our distinguished medical professional who spearheads the delivery of specialized care. Committed to excellence and driven by a fervor for improving patient well-being, our medical specialist brings a rich reservoir of experience and expertise to our practice.
At Retentive Billing, our healthcare professional is more than just a provider; they are a trusted ally dedicated to safeguarding the health and prosperity of your practice. Get acquainted with the individual behind the expertise and explore the personalized care that distinguishes us from the rest.

Medical Business Solutions

"Retentive Billing has been a game-changer for our medical practice. Their attention to detail in medical billing and coding services is unparalleled. They've significantly improved our revenue cycle, and their dedicated team is always there to address any concerns. We couldn't be happier with their services.

Dr. Smith Family Practice

"As a busy nephrology practice, finding a reliable medical coding outsourcing company was crucial for us. Retentive Billing not only met but exceeded our expectations. Their professionalism, data security measures, and accurate coding have made a substantial impact on our efficiency and profitability. Highly recommended!"

Dr. Rodriguez Nephrologist

"Retentive Billing's front office management services have been a game-changer for us. Scheduling appointments and handling patient registration used to be a headache, but their team has streamlined the entire process. Our team can now focus more on patient care, thanks to Retentive Billing's expertise."

Dr. Johnson Cardiologist


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These testimonials reflect the satisfaction and success experienced by our clients. At Retentive Billing, we’re committed to delivering exceptional services that make a positive difference in the healthcare practices we support. 


We are your dedicated medical billing partner, committed to empowering your practice with precision and excellence. Our team understands the unique challenges of healthcare billing, and we’re here to streamline your financial processes, maximize revenue, and minimize the hassle.

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