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Your Trusted Partner for Medical Billing Services in California

Medical billing, financial tasks, and admin work affecting your ability to provide top-notch patient care? It’s time to connect with a trusted medical services partner before it impacts your patient’s experience, leading to financial struggles and a stressed work environment.

Our Promise

Our Promise: We are a reputable medical service provider known for our up-to-date solutions. Our expertise spans medical credentialing services, efficient medical billing services in California, and thorough medical bill auditing services.

Medical credentialing service

Get a Comprehensive Overview of Our Diverse Medical Billing Services in California

What We Do Best

  1. Medical Credentialing Service
    Getting You In The System: We help you smoothly join the healthcare network. Our Credentialing Service ensures all your paperwork is in order, making it easy for you to become a part of the healthcare community.
  2. Medical Billing Services
    Managing Your Financial Transactions: Our dedicated team oversees the meticulous handling of your medical billing, ensuring precision and adherence to regulatory standards. We are committed to streamlining your billing processes, ultimately optimizing financial returns for your healthcare enterprise.
  3. Medical Bill Auditing Service
  4. Double-Checking for Accuracy: We carefully review your bills to guarantee accuracy and compliance with regulations. Our Bill Auditing Service plays a crucial role in keeping your financial records error-free, contributing to the robust financial health of your healthcare practice.

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Managing the intricacies of radiology medical billing can be daunting, demanding attention to detail and valuable time.


The success of your Nephrology services is tied directly to timely billing, consistent follow-ups, and swift...


Tailored to meet diverse billing needs, our professional pulmonology medical billing services at Retentive..

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Navigating the complexities of cardiology billing requires precision and expertise due to evolving payment models...

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Our Services

Our Medical Billing Services

At Retentive Billing, we’re here to make running your healthcare practice smoother. Here’s how we help:

Front Office Management

We take care of the front-end tasks, like setting up appointments and handling patient registration.

Claims Management/Claim Submission

We're experts at dealing with insurance claims. We handle everything from start to finish, making sure your claims are accurate and processed on time.

Payment Posting (EOB) and ERA Posting

Managing payments is important for a successful practice. We take care of posting details from Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA).

Denial and Rejection Management

Dealing with claim denials and rejections can be tough. We make it easier by quickly addressing issues, minimizing revenue loss, and increasing the chances of successful claims.

Financial Reporting

Understanding your practice's financial health is vital. Our Financial Reporting service gives you clear and detailed insights into your revenue cycle.

Medical & Dental Billing

Make managing your dental practice finances stress-free with Retentive Billing. We're your...

Email & Chat Support

Chat support services plays a critical role in enhancing customer engagement, resolving queries, and fostering positive interactions.


Efficient order placement, tracking, and fulfillment. Real-time inventory management to prevent stockouts.

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